Offer to Baptist Churches

We believe the What Standard DVD can be a powerful tool to help your church communicate the gospel to your community.

Unique Presentation

There are many methods of publishing the gospel; tracts, Bible studies, books, computer evangelism. This method harnesses the use of DVDs. DVDs are replacing the VHS tapes of yesterday. Most people have these DVD players in their homes.

Valuable Gift

It is seldom that someone is given a free DVD, making this gift even more valuable in the eyes of the recipient. Not to mention that you are giving the greatest gift known to man, the gospel message that can transform lives and introduce others to Jesus Christ.

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Personalize for Your Ministry

If you buy in quantities of 500 or more, you can…

ü Customize the outside DVD sleeve with your church name and contact information

ü Have your contact information on the DVD presentation itself

ü Direct viewers to a web site for a free correspondence Bible study, OR use your own website

ü Your church will be notified of those contacts in your area


Extremely Reasonable Cost

ü Single Copies $6.00 each - (you can purchase them here)

ü 300 Copies $3.37 each *

ü 500 Copies $2.30 each *

ü 1000 Copies $1.95 each *

ü 2500 Copies $1.16 each*

ü 5000 Copies $0.98 each*

*Personalize the DVD sleeve and DVD, $75 one time set up fee (to order these quantities please contact

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Doctrinal Integrity

ü Exclusive use of the King James Bible

ü Use of God's conviction tool, the 10 Commandments

ü Repentance and faith clearly stated and explained

ü No offensive music

ü Produced by and for independent Baptists

Concise Clear Presentation

ü 15 minute presentation

ü Walks viewers through the 10 Commandments allowing the Holy Spirit to bring them to conviction

ü Emphasizes the importance of a changed life

ü Stresses that works cannot save

ü Clearly states that salvation is only in Christ and not in baptism or church membership

ü Explains Christ's substitutionary work on Calvary

ü Urges the listener to turn from their sin and to Christ

Interesting Format

ü Produced in an interview format

ü Real people on the street, NO actors are used

ü Live on the streets of Washington, DC our nation's capital

ü Message reinforced with titles on screen

Multiple Uses

ü Present to Church Visitors

ü Give to New Converts

ü Excite your members about showing it to friends to open a conversation about Christ

ü Give to people interested in your church

ü Reinforce the gospel with those that you witness to

ü Use in door-to-door visitation

ü Give out to everyone on a special day


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What others have said that have viewed the DVD online!

 “Praise God for your video. It truly is an encouragement to be an active soulwinner... keep on keeping on”  R.R.

 “That was the koolest way to present the gospel! I love the video, I show it to my friends, and I pray that they can get saved soon! Thank you so much for doing that! i am going to try it out with others”  L.B.

 “Loved it!  Praise God!  It just excites me everytime I witness seed sowing in action.  I thank God for you!” B. S.

 “It's good to see other Christians biblically sharing the gospel.” D.R.

“I gave it to one of my relatives at a family gathering. They called me up that night to apologize for their language that day. They were under conviction after watching the video that night!” R.G.


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